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In general, Axtman Engineering, LLC follows the process below for the preparation of a Land Development Plan:

  • Initial client consultation to obtain project scope and vision

  • Prepare scope of work and related fee for client approval

  • Complete Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance compliance review

  • Determine watershed PA Chapter 93 classification such as a warm water fishery, cold fishery, high quality cold water fisher, etc.

  • Prepare PNDI clearance for rare and endangered species

  • Prepare existing conditions plan based on GIS sources

  • Prepare Conceptual Layout and 3-Dimensional Grading Plan & Stormwater Facilities to qualify site location.

  • Meet with client to review layout, conceptual earthwork quantities and other key findings and also meet with Zoning Officer and regulatory entity as needed.

  • Complete topographic and boundary survey

  • Update conceptual layout based on topographic and boundary survey 

  • Complete stormwater management peak rate and water quality calculations

  • Design stormwater basin and conveyance facilities based on PADEP and Municipal Regulations

  • Prepare Layout Plan, Utility Plan, Erosion & Sediment Control Plan and Construction Details based on corresponding requirements / regulations

  • Prepare Land Development Plan based on Municipal Requirements

  • Prepare magnitude construction cost opinion and soft costs

  • Review 80% Design Drawings and Cost Opinion with Client 

  • Prepare Sewage Planning, NPDES Permit, Driveway Permits, etc for submission to corresponding agency.

  • Finalize Land Development Plan and Permit Applications for submission to the corresponding entities.

  • Submit the Land Development Plan and corresponding permit applications.

  • Attend all the required public meetings and respond to all review letters.


See link below for some further information:

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